Rent payments are due according to the terms set forth in your lease agreement.

All rent payments should be mailed to:

Second Roc Jersey Associates

PO Box 603674
Charlotte, NC 28260-3674


Overnight Delivery:
Lockbox Service 603674
1525 West WT Harris Blvd., 2C2
Charlotte, NC 28262

Please make your rent checks payable to Second Roc Jersey Associates c/o Nomura Asset Capital Corp. The return address will appear on the remittance portion of the rent statement. It is important that this remittance portion accompany the check. This will ensure the proper crediting to your account.

Other important points of reference to ensure the proper processing of your check:

  • Please include the lease identification number on your check.
  • Indicate the amount being paid and the check number on the remittance.
  • Notify the Management Office in writing of any billing address changes.

If there is a question on a specific invoice, please call the Management Office at 973.889.2029.

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