Tenant Alterations

When arranging for services provided by an outside vendor for work in your suite, you and your vendors are asked to please comply with the following guidelines:

  • Please refer to the terms of your lease to determine what preconditions and requirements apply with respect to performing any work within your space. If you have any questions with regard to your lease provisions, you may contact the Management Office at 973.889.2029.


  • All alterations must be performed in accordance with the terms of your lease. Please consult with our office prior to making any significant alterations in your space. It is extremely important that we review alterations prior to the work being performed. Our review will include the following items:
    • All work must be done in compliance with the requirements of all local, state, and federal codes and agencies and utilities having jurisdiction. Tenant shall provide copies of all building application permits, etc. and upon completion of the work and a Certificate of Compliance.
    • Tenant's contractor(s) must provide, prior to starting work, Certificates of Insurance for Workman's Compensation and General Liability naming the Landlord as an additional insured.
    • A complete set of reproducible "As-Built" drawings and "As-Built" photos must be sent to the Landlord upon completion of the work.
    • In the event of any new rooms being constructed, tenant is responsible for HVAC (i.e. air circulation, new baseboard, etc.) and the installation of additional sprinkler heads and life safety alarms, etc. as required by code.
    • All excessive construction noise such as drilling, etc. must be performed during the building's non-working hours.
    • Tenant must keep record of contractor’s names and contacts on site for Landlord use.
    • No construction personnel may enter occupied areas of the building other than areas pertaining to construction work.
    • All construction debris must be removed from the site daily.
    • Tenant must have construction manager on site during the construction hours.
    • Tenant must protect all elevators being used for construction material and/or construction personnel.
    • Tenant must coordinate all material deliveries with Landlord as to not interrupt the day to day operation of the building.
    • Tenant may not block and/or impede any fire exits to the building during construction.
    • No electrical house, distribution, or sub panel covers may be left open after construction hours.
General maintenance and/or repair work:
  • Inform the Management Office at 973.889.2029 at least 5 business days prior to commencing any work within your suite.
  • Vendors shall be permitted access to the building only pursuant to the request of the tenant and only for the purpose of direct deliveries to the specified suite.
  • Vendors are allowed access to the building during normal business hours. Vendors requiring after-hours access will only be admitted if a Tenant Representative escorts the vendor to the tenant’s suite. A Tenant Representative must be on site during any and all renovation and/or alteration work.
  • Vendors may not solicit work from other tenants in the building.
  • Vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance covering General Liability, Worker's Compensation and Auto Liability in the amount specified in your lease.

JLL and Second ROC Jersey Associates, LLC must be named as additional insureds and certificate holders. An Additional Insured Endorsement Form must be included as part of, but separate from, the Certificate of Insurance in order for it to be acceptable. A copy of the Certificate may be emailed to ariel.medina@am.jll.com.

Please mail the original copy to:

Attn: Management Office
37 Headquarters Plaza
Morristown, NJ 07960

If you have any questions regarding the above requirements, please feel free to call the Management Office.

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